We are solution for your

Our approach.
Our approach is to develop true investment partnerships in which we are fully aligned with the teams we back.

Shared ambition for growth is key to our enviable track record of success.

We always do what we say we will do.

We are pragmatic, committed and understanding.

We own our firm so you will always deal with experienced and pragmatic decision makers.

We’re responsive and fast paced, down to earth, friendly and accessible.

People Focused.
We place great store on developing close working relationships.

What we bring to the partnership.

We are keen to be involved wherever we can add value, however we focus on strategic support and do not interfere in day to day operations or try to tell management teams what to do. We call this “fitting with the rhythm of your business”.

Our approach to adding value is always tailored to the requirements, priorities and appetite of the business and management teams we partner with.

Our Growth Network.

Our network has been developed over the 22 years that we have been supporting entrepreneurial businesses. Managed by our dedicated Network Director, this offers a wide range of additional benefits:

  • Pragmatic, hands on approach to due diligence
  • Business planning and prioritisation
  • New customers and routes to market
  • Talent recruitment and development
  • Support with operational scaling
  • Leadership mentoring and support